So where exactly did tattoos come from and tattoo aftercare information

Many people think they were just a poor man’s art form, but actually Tattooing has been in existence since the stone age. That’s right even an Iceman preserved and discovered in the Alps had a lot of tattoos on his body. Mummies preserved from Egypt in the 2nd millennium BC have been discovered bearing tattoos. How did they came up with the Tattoo Ideas, and how they did tattoo aftercare.

The Pre-Christian Germanic & Celtic Tribes used tattoos to look fierce. They wanted to look scary and warlike and used black & dark blue designs for effect. Even Julius Caesar wrote about these tattoos ideas in some of his books about the wars against these tribes.

Different Tattoo aftercareBasically all cultures got into the act using various methods and tattoo traditions. Some scraped cuts and wounds using ashes, others started pricking the skin using ink and dyes to form a tattoo.

In Japan tattoos were done for spiritual reasons and to decorate the body. It was an art form that dated back all the way to 10,000 years BCE. Tattoos were everywhere for the Japanese and many visiting cultures commented on the beauty of Japanese Tattoos and the tattoo aftercare.

In the 16th – 17th century tattooing was very limited and only done by certain groups. A lower status was given to people who had been tattooed. Tattooing was used on manual workers, fireman & prostitutes to show their status. They wore tattoos as a way to show where they stood in the class system. In the 18th century criminals were tattooed for punishment, but was eventually stopped by the government. Even tattooing as an art form was banned and outlawed. The government deemed it to be lacking in respectability. Many of them were old samurai warriors. As you can see, some cultures revered the art form, while others used it as a form of punishment. Unfortunately for some, they had a hard time being accepted into the mainstream population. This led to many of the people engaging in criminal activities and the core of the Yakuza or Japanese Mafia. Some even say the Yakuza are synonymous with tattoos. They are very intricate and the artists who have mastered the art of tattooing in this style are held in high regard.

Tattooing was thought to be an upper class novelty in Europe and especially Britain. Kings and noblemen had tattoos and the custom spread like wildfire. If you didn’t have a tattoo ideas and tattoo aftercare, you were not seen as with it or on the cutting edge of society.

Soon it became a class thing with both classes (upper & lower) seeking tattoos. The rest of the classes didn’t pursue tattooing until the 1970’s. At this time people began to accept tattoos for what they were (an art form) and many celebrities began to show off their tattoos. Now in the USA, tattoos are exploding with the youth of America. Over 40,000 tattoos are performed each day and now with better options for aftercare many are seeking specifically designed products to heal and protect their tattoos and tattoo aftercare. To see what products might be right for your tattoo aftercare